• Office Hygiene: Top tips for keeping rodents out

    Office hygiene is a part of social etiquette that often gets overlooked. Staff members who munch on packets of salt and vinegar crisps, whilst leaning across germ infested keyboards provide a feast for scurrying rodents. According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, mice can reach the food crumbs dotted between the keys. There is evidence

  • Poor cleaning standards may expose employers to litigation

    Each day New Zealanders arrive at work blissfully unaware of whether their workplace has been adequately cleaned or worst unaware that they face contamination as a result of untrained commercial cleaners. In the growing health or aged care sectors workers face increase risks from not only a personal safety perspective, but in Australia, if adequate

  • The Value of Cleaning

    The Value of Cleaning stretches well beyond that of mere appearance. It is an investment in human health, the workplace environment and an improved bottom line. In recent years international research has focused on the impact that proper cleaning has on reducing absenteeism, and in turn how reduced absenteeism increases productivity and ultimately profitability. Some

  • ISSA Value of Clean Guide

    ISSA Value of Clean Context Information. This document was released in 2011, and summarises contemporary research into: •    Absenteeism •    Productivity •    Image Enhancement •    Presenteeism and tools to calculate the “Value of Clean”, which is the concept of the value of proper cleaning as it affects organisations. Download full article (Size 209 kb PDF)

  • A Review of Methods to Measure Health-Related Productivity...

    Reprint of a study from: THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MANAGED CARE VOL. 13, NO. 4, 2007 Download full article (Size 168 kb PDF)   Background: Annual US health-related productivity losses are estimated to reach some $260 billion, attributable not only to absenteeism but also to presenteeism (being present at work but working at a reduced

  • Let us do your Colours

    Cross-contamination of bacteria and viruses is a leading cause of illness spreading in workplaces. Simply put, cross-contamination happens when the same cloth is used to wipe the toilet and the kitchen areas. We combat cross-contamination by cleaning each area of your premises with a different colour-coded microfibre cloth. Proper cleaning and frequencies can reduce the

  • Free Workplace Hygiene Notice

    Click Here to download a PDF memo with a workplace health message. You can print it off and display it where staff take a break, or email it to your colleagues. Research into office environments strongly indicates that improved cleaning can lessen rates of absenteeism, by preventing illness spreading around the workplace. There is also

  • Charles P. Gerba, PhD et al. Classroom Hygiene...

    Occurrence of Bacteria and Viruses on Elementary Classroom Surfaces and the Potential Role of Classroom Hygiene in the Spread of Infectious Diseases. Reprint of a study from: The Journal of School Nursing Online. First, published on November 10, 2009.   Download full Study Here (PDF)   Summary: The presence of microorganisms on common classroom contact

  • Bird Flu Pandemic

    Media coverage about bird flu and a possible flu pandemic might seem alarming. While some are taking the prospect with a grain of salt, views definitely differ on whether a pandemic could occur. But health authorities are doing well to offer valuable advice about putting simple plans into action. What is a pandemic? When a

  • Cleaning your Computer

    In everyday use, a computer screen accumulates dust, dirt, and fingerprints. An occasional cleaning is definitely in order. The correct way to clean your monitor depends on the type of monitor you have. Here are a few tips for the two most common types of computer screens. Please note, turn your computer screen off before

  • Germ Warfare in your office – Dr Charles...

    Dr Gerba’s most recent research uncovers the link between unhygienic workplaces and sickness, and the affect on productivity. This is a very relevant area of research to New Zealand businesses; it’s proven that workplace productivity is affected by a dirty environment. Can you afford to lose productivity? The average office desk has 400 times more bacteria

  • Protect your office from becoming a comfortable spot...

    How can you protect your office from becoming a comfortable spot for bacteria to grow? The world’s leading expert on germs is coming to New Zealand in July and will be calling on New Zealand authorities to lift commercial cleaning standards and promote hand washing to reduce preventable workplace illness and lost productivity. Dr Charles


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