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Delivering the highest level of sanitisation within a workplace requires an integrated, end-to-end approach across all the processes and systems of a cleaning company.

CrestClean’s standardised cleaning systems create a hygienic outcome at every service.

We have a culture of systems that govern the way our personnel approach their cleaning duties.

Cleaning is conducted to high standards with strict hygienic protocols.

Cleaning Processes

  • New cleaning technologies
  • Safe systems of work
  • Specified chemical systems
  • Quality assurance and support

Cleaning Teams

  • 700+ owner operator teams
  • Motivated personnel
  • Responsible for service delivery
  • Trained and regularly upskilled

Corporate Systems

  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Training and Skills Development
  • Customer Care and Security

Systemised Cleaning Processes

Our teams are trained to follow step-by-step ‘safe systems of work’ to perform cleaning tasks. These processes ensure that our customers receive consistent quality and hygienic outcomes at each cleaning service.

Colour Coded Cloths

Colour coded microfibre cloths are used to prevent cross-contamination

Sanitising Service for high-touch surfaces

Sanitising high-touch surfaces improves workplace hygiene. We use a 2-step process where surfaces are first cleaned to remove soil and biofilm build-up, and then sanitiser is applied.

The service is carried out at agreed frequencies i.e. daily, 3 x weekly, or weekly in addition to our standard cleaning services.

Sanitising an office


Specified Chemicals

Leading edge chemical systems clean efficiently with minimal effect on the environment.

HyperClean® Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner

HyperClean® is a powerful cleaner that cleans and removes biofilm from hard surfaces

Hydrogen Peroxide oxidises on contact with soiled surfaces, providing an aggressive cleaning action. It breaks down into water and oxygen, so it’s safe for users and the environment.

Anti Viral Sanitiser

Anti-Viral Sanitiser

Officially rated against coronavirus*

Formulation HWS-64 (LONZA)

Officially rated against coronavirus* Formulation HWS-64 (LONZA)

Consumables and Hygiene Supplies

Through our partnership with Alsco Uniforms, we provide a large range of consumable products, hygiene services and rental equipment.

Upgrading personal hygiene amenities sets the scene for creating a cleaner workplace.

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