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Cleaning your windows is one of many services CrestClean offers.

Cleaning your windows is one of the many services CrestClean offers.

Crest performs day cleaning services for a variety of different customers throughout New Zealand. Day cleaning is the practice of performing cleaning duties during “day light” hours. It’s an increasing trend around the western world.

There are many different reasons for a customer to prefer day cleaning:

  • Security: keys and alarm codes do not have to be issued to cleaning staff.
  • Presentation and Hygiene: kitchens and bathrooms are serviced during the day, to enhance presentation and hygiene for staff and customers.
  • Energy Saving: it has been estimated that day cleaning can save 5% to 12% of energy costs compared to night cleaning.

Modern cleaning systems, such as microfibre mops and quieter vacuum cleaners make day cleaning less intrusive for customers.

Crest performs day cleaning at the head office of prominent jewelers Pascoes. The corporate offices are adjacent to a manufacturing area, and the building has very high security protocols.

The day cleaning service works really well for Pascoes. “The staff appreciate the level of service,” says Crest’s Auckland Regional Manager, Dries Mangnus. “Everybody co-operates with the Crest cleaner as he moves through the building.”

“Day cleaning has strong advantages for relationships and communications,” says Dries, “the cleaner is no longer invisible, they can interact with staff and they become part of the customer’s team.”

Day cleaning is a Green Cleaning practice and it promotes environmental sustainability.

If you’d like to find out about how day cleaning could work for your premises, please give Crest a call.

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