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  • FMs must invest in skills-based training to raise...

    As an employer in the commercial cleaning industry, if you make an investment in training you want it to produce confident, competent, safe and loyal employees who will make a positive contribution to your bottom line, helping you grow your business and your customer base. For that to happen, the training has to be relevant

  • Christchurch team member achieves qualification

    Completing his BICSc Cleaning Professional Skills Suite training was a proud moment for Titus Samuel. The Christchurch North franchisee is one of many Crest personnel that have completed their training through the Master Cleaners Training Institute. It is another way CrestClean is helping raise industry standards through innovation and skills development. “I am very proud.

  • Annual Upskilling Keeps Invercargill Team Trained and Ready

    CrestClean has a strong commitment to training as a way of raising the standards of the commercial cleaning industry in New Zealand. All franchisees undergo three weeks of induction training when they purchase a franchise and free annual upskilling is also part of the Crest business. Annual upskilling that CrestClean offers all franchisees ensures they

  • Crest Franchisee Steps into New Role as Auckland...

    Rajesh Narayan was introduced to CrestClean by his younger brother, Viky Narayan, Crest’s Regional Manager for South and East Auckland. “When I came to New Zealand I was working for Sky TV and it was okay but I didn’t like the hours,” Raj recalls. “I was thinking of investing in something and going out on

  • Successful Second Year BICSc Audit

    Master Cleaners Training Institute has once again successfully completed the British Institute of Cleaning Science annual audit. BICSc International General Manager Colin Hanks travelled to New Zealand for 10 days to conduct the audit. Master Cleaners Training Institute was found to be fully compliant with all of the audit criteria. Assessors Alistair McCormick, Julie Griffin,

  • Training Up 40 Percent at Master Cleaners

    The number of CrestClean personnel trained at Master Cleaners Training Institute increased by more than 40 percent in 2014. “This is just part of growth as we see it and we intend to proceed along the same growth path next year,” says Adam Hodge, CEO of Master Cleaners Training Institute. The following numbers are not

  • Otago Daily Times Reports on CrestClean’s Training Validation

    CrestClean’s training programme featured in an Otago Daily Times article published on 23 October. The Otago Daily Times news item reported that Careerforce, an NZQA-accredited Industry Training Organisation, has validated training courses provided by Master Cleaners Training Institute. CrestClean franchisees who attend these courses will now receive up to 36 credits toward the NZQA National

  • Hard Floor Care a Must-Have Skill for New...

    In Tauranga, all the franchisees new to CrestClean in the past four months are now also fully trained in Hard Floor Care. “I tell all my franchisees they need this skill if they’re going to be doing any sort of floor care,” says Jan Lichtwark, Regional Manager for Tauranga. “Some say that none of their

  • New Skills for New Franchisees

    The ability to learn new skills in order to provide a range of services to customers is just one part of growing a successful CrestClean business. Some new franchisees get the opportunity to jump right into the more skilled services by attending the required training courses early in their careers with CrestClean, which recently occurred

  • Master Cleaners Training Institute Receives Careerforce Validation

    The NZQA-accredited Industry Training Organisation, Careerforce, has validated the training and assessment programme used by CrestClean to prepare our personnel for work in the commercial cleaning industry. The validation was a result of Careerforce’s review of training and educational material used by Master Cleaners Training Institute and already approved by the British Institute of Cleaning

  • Training Benefits Everybody

    Congratulations to Ronesh Nand for successfully completing the Cleaning Professional Skills Suite training, a series of three courses offered by Master Cleaners Training Institute that cover all aspects of safe working practices, equipment, proper procedures and innovations in the cleaning industry. Originally from Fiji, Ronesh and his wife Joytesha moved to Christchurch and purchased a

  • Franchisees Upskill to Benefit Their Businesses

    Several North Harbour Franchisees eager to advance their careers and add value to their businesses attended a special Hard Floor Care Training Course on the first weekend in August. The training course was held at Montessori Beginnings Childcare in Stanmore Bay and was conducted by Jim McManus, who covered all the skills required to do


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