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  • PestCo’s expert busy as rat numbers soar following...

    PestCo Service Technician Mike Wills says he’s busier than previous years dealing with rats and mice.

    PestCo’s hotline has reported a surge in calls to deal with rats as hungry rodents head indoors as winter sets in. Rat numbers have exploded throughout the country after a long and dry spell of warm weather. While Kiwis enjoyed the record-breaking summer, a downside was it created ideal breeding conditions for rodents. More rats

  • Wasp nest the size of six rugby balls

    The buzz of becoming homeowners took on a whole new meaning for a Tauranga couple when they found a huge wasp nest the size of six rugby balls under the lounge floor. Michael Melville-Barton got a huge surprise after crawling under the Otumoetai property to replace a faulty TV aerial cable and spotting the giant

  • Rat infestation: It’s the worst I’ve seen

    It began like many other routine calls for Mike Wills when a Hamilton resident got in touch over a suspected rat problem. Cold weather often triggers an increase in rat activity around properties in midwinter as rodents seek some home comforts when temperatures fall. But the sight that faced him and what happened next was

  • Mice season triggers urgent warning

    PestCo’s Mike Wills has a tiny destructive house invader firmly in his sights. With winter around the corner, Mike is warning people to take action now to avoid having a family of unwelcome guests invading a home or business property. When cold weather arrives it’s a strong signal for mice to seek somewhere warm and

  • Home overrun by roach invaders

    PestCo’s Mike Wills thought he’s seen it all. Dealing with cockroaches is all part of his job as PestCo’s Service Technician – but what happened during a visit to a Tauranga home stunned the experienced bug expert. He was carrying out a treatment for spiders and cockroaches at the rural property when hundreds of large

  • Act now to prevent a rat invasion

    PestCo Service Technician Mike Wills is waging war on rodents as cooler conditions see a surge in rats seeking indoor shelter. Mike is warning business owners to take action now to avoid the pain of costly repairs caused by rats destroying property as they build inside nests with the approach of winter. “Once rats get

  • Avoid a stinging summer by calling in PestCo

    You don’t have to pay through the nose to get rid of wasps - just call in PestCo’s Mike Wills.

    Residents are being urged to be on their guard to avoid a stinging start to summer. After a very mild winter, bugs and insects are already on the move with wasps emerging in ever increasing numbers, sparking a major warning from concerned officials. Waikato Regional Council is urging people to look out for wasps and

  • Spider spray keeps the spiders away

    The white-tailed spider has a distinctive spot on its abdomen.

    Arachnophobics in the Bay of Plenty have been warned to take action now to avoid being bugged by spiders this summer. PestCo Technician Mike Wills says an exterior spray will prevent properties being inundated with spiders and will also stop a number of other bugs dead in their tracks. “Warm conditions on the coast are

  • Is your bag carrying a creepy-crawly hitchhiker?

    Finding a cockroach in a handbag would send anyone into a panic mode.

    The contents of a woman’s handbag can be a mystery. But while it’s likely to contain a multitude of things that sustain and comfort her during every day living, an uninvited creepy-crawly hitchhiker could well be lurking in the bottom of that bag. PestCo Technician Mike Wills recalls the day he was called to an

  • Video footage demonstrates how rats swim up sewer...

    A video, filmed by National Geographic, has revealed several skills that rats use to swim up sewer pipes and into toilets. According to the article, published online, rats can tread water for three days straight and they can hold their breath underwater for three minutes. They can also fit into tiny spaces thanks to their ribs,

  • PestCo Technicians kept busy treating wasp nests

    PestCo technicians have been kept busy this summer with a number of treatment requests for wasps, cockroaches, flies, fruit flies, birds, rats and mice, fleas and ants. Technician Mike Wills recently treated a large wasp nest that was found in the roof of an Auckland property. The nest is one of many technicians have been

  • Monitoring programme key to minimising rodent infestations

    Articles published in the New Zealand Herald revealed a perpetual rat problem in East Auckland after a Selwyn College pupil was bitten after picking up a dying rat and a 9-year-old Glen Innes boy was bitten on the ear by a rat while he slept. PestCo Operations Manager Rowan Washer says this year’s long, dry


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