Act now to prevent a rat invasion

PestCo Service Technician Mike Wills with the latest in bait stations.

PestCo Service Technician Mike Wills with the latest in bait stations.

PestCo Service Technician Mike Wills is waging war on rodents as cooler conditions see a surge in rats seeking indoor shelter.

Mike is warning business owners to take action now to avoid the pain of costly repairs caused by rats destroying property as they build inside nests with the approach of winter.

“Once rats get inside they can cause untold damage. They will chew almost anything from electrical wiring, wood and furnishings.

“The secret is to take prompt action to stop them getting in. Many people are unaware that a rat only needs a gap no bigger than your thumb to squeeze under a door.”

Mike says people should also cut back any overhanging tree branches that can often provide a short-cut for rats to get into a roof.

“Rubbish bins should be emptied often and areas kept clear of food scraps, which attract rodents,” he added.

Rats frequently forage in a 50-meter radius and one colony may dominate an entire building, making them controllable with a few well-chosen bait and trap placements.

Rodent control is part of the PestCo’s Integrated Pest Management programme. Mike currently operates in Auckland, the Waikato and Tauranga.

Mike uses the latest design in bait stations that are suitable for all locations. Each station carries a clear waterproof label and regular checks can be carried out to monitor rodent activity.

“They bait stations are incredible effective. We can attach them to fence lines they can be safely placed in areas where rodent activity is suspected.”

Mike does a thorough site survey and checks on Google maps to identify any likely waterways near a property.

“Wherever you get water you’ll get rats, so it’s important to check out the habitats of the rats in the area and their likely pathways.”

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