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  • PestCo gains momentum

    CrestClean’s pest control service PestCo is gaining momentum following its launch in Auckland and Tauranga. PestCo, which is a division of CrestClean, provides customers with pest control services and Integrated Pest Management programmes. Integrated Pest Management is an educated, strategic approach to pest control that minimises risks to people and the environment. By assessing your

  • PestCo Service Technician Ready for Action

    Removing unwanted guests from your premises forms a key part of Mike Wills’ role. The PestCo Service Technician, who has had 15 years experience in the pest control industry, is enjoying his new role. “I have always enjoyed working in the pest control industry,” he says. “It is challenging but it is rewarding. Every day

  • Pure Water Gets a Lift

    CrestClean’s Pure Water Window Cleaning System in operation at the ANZ Building in Tauranga is an impressive sight. The four storey building is located at the busy intersection of Cameron Road and Elizabeth Street, and most of the structure and its features can be done from ground level with the carbon fibre, water-fed extension poles

  • Carpet Cleaning Programme Saves Money

    Businesses and building owners are waiting too long to do the carpet cleaning required to keep their workplaces and properties clean and hygienic – and it’s costing them. “The biggest problem I notice with carpets is that maintenance gets deferred and it ends up costing property owners more and taking longer in the end,” says

  • Hard Floor Care a Must-Have Skill for New...

    In Tauranga, all the franchisees new to CrestClean in the past four months are now also fully trained in Hard Floor Care. “I tell all my franchisees they need this skill if they’re going to be doing any sort of floor care,” says Jan Lichtwark, Regional Manager for Tauranga. “Some say that none of their

  • Pure Water Makes Splash at Quiz Night

    Regional Director for Nelson and Blenheim Barbara de Vries was happy to donate a voucher for a Pure Water Window Cleaning Service to a fundraiser for Hampden Street School. The Pure Water Cleaning was one of many donations to the “monster auction” held during the Annual Quiz Night, which is a popular fundraiser held every

  • Great Potential in Pure Water Window Cleaning

    Recently there’s been a lot of talk about the new Pure Water Window Cleaning System that CrestClean offers. Hamish McGregor has been with CrestClean since June 2013 and has already decided to invest in the new system. It didn’t take him long to see the potential in the new Pure Water Window Cleaning System. He

  • Franchisees learn new Pure Water Window Cleaning system

    On Saturday, June 1, six Auckland franchisees attended an Induction and Training Day on using CrestClean’s innovative new Pure Water Window Cleaning System. Leo Wang, CrestClean’s expert instructor in this field, taught the franchisees everything they need to know about this environmentally friendly method of window cleaning that is revolutionising the industry. Leo has been

  • Congratulations to New Regional Hard Floor Trainers

    Well done to three hardworking CrestClean franchisees for completing the Hard Floor Care Trainers Course held in Christchurch on 15-16 October. Leo Li, Sunjeev Raj and Robert Temesvari are now Regional Floor Trainers for the Christchurch region. National Training Manager, Chris Chapman is pleased with the training course and has all confidence in Leo, Sunjeev

  • West Auckland Floors in Good Hands

    After being with CrestClean for little over a year, West Auckland franchisee, Atish Lal has completed training to become the new Floor Care Trainer for West Auckland. He says that his new responsibility comes with its challenges but its nothing he can’t handle! Atish has always been a floor man; “I enjoy cleaning floors,” he

  • Office Hygiene: Top tips for keeping rodents out

    Office hygiene is a part of social etiquette that often gets overlooked. Staff members who munch on packets of salt and vinegar crisps, whilst leaning across germ infested keyboards provide a feast for scurrying rodents. According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, mice can reach the food crumbs dotted between the keys. There is evidence


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