Who ya gonna call? CrestClean!

Cleaners wearing hazmat suits.
When an Ashburton factory needed a Pandemic Clean, Michael and Rosa Rigos answered the call!

When Ashburton manufacturer RX Plastics Ltd discovered they had a Covid case in their midst, they wanted to do everything they could to keep their staff safe.

So, who did they call? CrestClean!

That very day, South Canterbury Regional Manager Rob Glenie promptly arranged a pandemic sanitisation clean, so that the factory could continue to operate throughout the weekend.

“Once we had confirmation of a positive case, I rung Rob and he set things in motion for an intensive clean,” says RX Plastics HSE Facilitator Greg Hughes.

“It’s very important to us, not just in terms of following health and safety guidelines, but morally, to make sure the staff come into a nice healthy and clean environment to work.”

The kitchen and toilet areas, which are communal areas used by factory staff, were given priority on the Friday night ready for the next day’s shift. Then, on the Saturday, the administration block was cleaned and sanitised, in time for Monday staff to return.

Cleaner wearing hazmat suit, giving thumbs-up.
Rosa Rigos suited, booted and ready to clean and sanitise!

“We were very happy to basically get it done on the day of confirmation, so we could keep working as normal,” says Greg.

Rob says, pandemic sanitisation cleans add another layer of protection and bring a sense of security to businesses that have been exposed to Covid-19.

“In these situations, we like to make it as easy as we can for businesses. In just one phone call, it was all sorted. They didn’t have to organise anything and could be confident that the factory maintained production, and everyone could go back to work within a normal timeframe,” he says.

“It’s great to see a local business taking the appropriate measures to help keep their staff safe and healthy at this challenging time.”

CrestClean franchisees Michael and Rosa Rigor have been cleaning the RX Plastics site for the past six months, but this is the first time they have carried out a pandemic sanitisation clean for them.

“They are a great customer and I am happy that we were able to help them with the problem they were faced with,” says Michael.

CrestClean’s sanitising system combines advanced products and processes that effectively clean and sanitise surfaces, including the use of Anti-Viral Sanitiser, which is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency for use against Covid-19.

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