Canterbury Region

  • Purchase of high-tech floor machine sees owner...

    Sandeep Kumar receives his new floor scrubber from Dave McLeod.

    Sandeep Kumar receives his new floor scrubber from Dave McLeod. CrestClean franchisee Sandeep Kumar has plenty of firepower at his fingertips as he gears-up to further expand his business. He’s just purchased a state-of-the-art floor battery-powered scrubbing ...

  • Vehicle audits prove popular for CrestClean’...

    Sandeep Kumar has his van and equipment checked by Ian Noon, CrestClean’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing leader.

    Sandeep Kumar has his van and equipment checked by Ian Noon, CrestClean’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing leader. CrestClean’s six-monthly vehicle audit for its South Canterbury franchisees was an occasion to mix business with pleasure. The company’s regional ...

  • Upskilling takes floor care to next level

    Randeep Singh led the Hard Floor Care upskilling course. Attending were Sandeep Kaumar and wife Richa, Amrit Singh and wife Karamjit and Ashitosh Prasad He's a shining example of someone who just won't accept second best. When it comes to floor care there's ...

  • Health and safety a priority for caretaker

    Using a high-pressure hose means caretaker Murray Kelly doesn’t need to use a ladder to tackle the job of cleaning out the guttering at Waimataitai School. Safety-conscious school caretaker Murray Kelly is vigilant about keeping himself and others safe. He’s ...

  • Joy at leaving Auckland ‘rat race’

    Auckland couple Sandeep and Richa Kumar can’t believe the lack of traffic in Methven. Husband and wife Sandeep and Richa Kumar say they couldn’t be happier after escaping Auckland’s ‘rat race’ for a new life in rural Mid Canterbury. And the contrast ...

  • Show me the money honey!

    Randeep and Kiran Singh can’t decide who should pocket the cash. Money is often said to be one of the main reasons why couples squabble. So when a surprise $50 prize arrived at Randeep and Kiran Singh’s Timaru home it was hardly surprising a light-hearted ...

  • Seven years with Crest

    Christchurch South franchisee Mina Hanna was presented his 7 year Long Service Award by Regional Manager Kiri James. Mina Hanna is proud to be a CrestClean franchisee. “There is a good system behind Crest which makes me feel very confident and proud to be a ...

  • Becoming a Crest franchisee made sense

    Christchurch South franchisee Hardik Patel says there are many benefits of being a CrestClean franchisee. Hardik Patel is pleased he grasped the opportunity to become a CrestClean franchisee. “It was a great opportunity to join Crest. I am so glad I did,” he ...

  • Upskilling personnel is Crest’s point of dif...

    Christchurch North CrestClean franchisee Dan Mahida is better equipped after completing training through the Master Cleaners Training Institute and CrestClean. Completing the British Institute of Cleaning Sciences (BICSc) training and assessments has instilled an ...

  • Jason is a ‘hero of respect’

    Christchurch North CrestClean franchisee Jason Dalziel received a random act of kindness from a pupil at a school he takes care of. Christchurch North CrestClean franchisee Jason Dalziel did not expect a ‘hero of respect’ letter would bring tears to his ...

  • Christchurch team member achieves qualificatio...

    Christchurch North Regional Manager Yasa Panagoda is thrilled franchisee Titus Samuel has completed his British Institute of Cleaning Sciences (BICSc) Cleaning Professional Skills Suite training. Completing his BICSc Cleaning Professional Skills Suite training was ...

  • Before and After School Urinals

    Before CrestClean go on the scene. After CrestClean have been: what a difference for the students who use this school urinal! During student holidays, many CrestClean franchisees do special Term Cleans of the schools in their regions. This takes a more thorough ...


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