CrestClean’s training has a bonus for Waikato student

Gaine Dalbeth, Operations Manager Provida Foods, Hamilton, is more than happy with the cleaning services provided by John and Deepak Selvaraj.

Gaine Dalbeth, Operations Manager Provida Foods, Hamilton, is more than happy with the cleaning services provided by John and Deepak Selvaraj.

Top tips picked up during his CrestClean training have given Deepak Selvaraj a whole new approach to how he applies himself to his university studies.

The 19-year-old student’s dad, John Selvaraj, has a CrestClean business in Hamilton and Deepak lends a hand with the cleaning when he can.

It was while undergoing a CrestClean training course run by the Master Cleaners Training Institute that the penny dropped for Deepak. He found he could apply the principals he learned about cleaning to his approach to studying for exams.

“They taught us to take pride in what we do, go the extra mile and give 110 per cent for our CrestClean customers,” he said.

“I guess we can apply that to everyday life as well and it teaches us good habits and not to take short cuts.”

And Deepak soon found it inspired him when tackling assignments for his civil engineering degree course.

“With assignments there’s always an easy way but if you actually take an extra hour or two to research that topic you can get extra grades,” he says.

Deepak says his dad bought a cleaning business with CrestClean after seeking a lifestyle change. John had a job as a machine operator and wanted the freedom of working for himself.

“CrestClean has a good system and all the accounts are done for you,” says Deepak. “That was one of the reasons he chose CrestClean.

“It is a supportive environment for a first time person to become self-employed.”

Despite being a student, Deepak finds time to help out his dad. And they work well together, he adds.

“My dad has always been there for me and we are a team. Our thinking is a bit interconnected – if I do one thing he will do another thing and we save time. I think we complement each other in the way we work.”

One of their biggest customers is Hamilton’s Provida Foods. Operations Manager Gaine Dalbeth is very happy with the standard of cleaning.

“They are really good and quite obliging to do anything extra. The cleaning is right up to scratch,” he said.

And another Provida employee has also been impressed by John and Deepak’s work, added Gaine.

“Tania our despatch supervisor is here early in the morning and she deals with them all the time and she finds them really good.”

Gaine said CrestClean also looks after the company’s Auckland branch. The cleaning services provided has been more than satisfactory. “Our owners in Auckland are really impressed with what they do there,” he added.

Nivitesh Kumar, CrestClean’s Waikato Regional Manager, said John and Deepak are diligent and are very customer focused in their approach to work.

“You can see they have a real pride in what they do,” he added.

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