• Good Year for Tauranga Teams

    Spirits were high as cheerful CrestClean Franchisees gathered at the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce’s Smart Business Centre for a luncheon Team Meeting on the 4th of August. For the past several months, CrestClean Managing Director Grant McLauchlan has been travelling throughout New Zealand, meeting with franchisees face-to-face to discuss their regions’ highlights and present the

  • Making it Special

    Murray Strutton has always been a specialist of sorts, first as a professional restorer of vintage cars and now as the go-to guy for Pure Water Window Cleaning in Tauranga. In the five years that Murray has been a CrestClean Franchisee, he says one of the biggest changes for him has been seeing a new

  • Pure Water is Popular

    Business is booming in Tauranga for CrestClean’s Pure Water Window Cleaning system. “It’s been incredibly popular,” says Regional Manager Jan Lichtwark. The innovative window cleaning system, which uses carbon fibre water-fed poles and filtered water rather than chemicals and cherrypickers, is faster, cleaner and more economical for customers with buildings up to four storeys. Tauranga

  • Introducing Rakesh Bhan, Tauranga’s Longest Serving Franchisee

    Tauranga Regional Manager, Jan Lichtwark is pleased to introduce the regions longest serving CrestClean franchisee, Rakesh Bhan. Rakesh is originally from Fiji and moved to New Zealand in 2001 with his wife, Mohini. He joined CrestClean in 2006 as he wanted a bit of freedom in his day and he liked what CrestClean had to

  • Team Tauranga Christmas Cricket!

    CrestClean Team Tauranga enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at a local park, right next to the harbour. A great game of cricket took place, with most having a go batting or bowling. There was plenty of action, and plenty of laughs.    

  • Jill Shepherd – a whole lotta’ trainin’ goin’...

    CrestClean Tauranga has a good story about a key person in their region – Jill Shepherd. Jill was keen to progress with a CrestClean Franchise and together they got the wheels in motion. She had owned other businesses – a coffee machine business and a photography business – but was interested in Crest’s business opportunities

  • Worlds Best Cleaners

    CrestClean franchisee, Sung Cho and his team have received a card from their client, ABC Papamoa titled, ‘Thank you – Worlds Best Cleaners’. What makes Sung Cho worthy of such a title? The Manager of ABC Papamoa says that Sung Cho goes out of his way to help and that everyday that they come in

  • Tauranga Franchise Celebrates 10 years with CrestClean

    Since starting with CrestClean Pinakin Patel and his wife, Falguniben Patel have grown their business, HNP Services and relished in CrestClean’s supportive business environment. Pinakin and Falguniben started HNP Services in Auckland over 10 years ago with their family. They decided to move down to Tauranga about five years ago for a change of lifestyle.

  • CrestClean Tauranga welcomes new franchisees Mukesh Kumar and...

    CrestClean Tauranga welcomes new franchisees Mukesh Kumar and Sheron Devin. They recently bought a Crest franchise seeing the opportunity to improve their lifestyle and the potential that would benefit them both in the future. They looked at various different businesses but chose CrestClean as they felt it offered them the best package for starting a

  • Pinakin Patel is proud to be cleaning in...

    Pinakin Patel is proud to be cleaning a brand new office complex in Tauranga. The ANZ Centre is one of the biggest office blocks now in Tauranga, and we clean for several of the companies located within this building.

  • Top Tauranga Motel uses CrestClean chemicals

    The Tauranga on the Waterfront, a leading Tauranga accommodation and conference facility is the first commercial customer for CrestClean chemicals and microfibre systems. ‘We have a busy accommodation business and cleanliness is our number one priority,’ says proprietor Tony Mangnus. ‘We have had various chemical suppliers and systems in the past, but the CrestClean system

  • Testimonal from Supre Tauranga

    Hey Jan, I really want to thank you for getting us our new Tauranga cleaner. He is amazing and does a better job than the previous three put together! He is considerate and polite and so efficient, we really love him. Just thought I would give you some good feedback because he really deserves it.


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