Zespri nominates Aileen in global Values in Practice Awards

Aileen Fernando Caballero was nominated for Zespri’s quarterly Values in Practice Awards.

Zespri’s quarterly Values in Practice Awards serve as a platform to celebrate those who embody the organisation’s core values. Among the nominees for quarter four was CrestClean franchise owner, Aileen Fernando Caballero.

Despite not being an official employee, Aileen is considered an integral part of the Zespri family. She was nominated under the Personal Connections category.

Aileen’s nomination highlights her willingness to support teams and connect with others.

“Aileen is always accommodating and supports my catering requests in an approachable and pleasant manner. Whenever I have events, Aileen seamlessly works behind the scenes to ensure the meeting is a success. Thanks Aileen.”

Aileen is considered an integral part of the Zespri team.

Every quarter, the call goes out to Zespri staff worldwide asking for nominations for employees who have gone above and beyond. Zespri’s Administration and Facilities Manager, Annette Marsh, says Aileen is “one of us” and wasn’t surprised to hear she had been nominated.

“She’s one of our team members, really. I think people think she works here as an employee,” laughs Annette.

Aileen maintains the Zespri headquarters building in Mount Maunganui. With nine kitchens on-site, Aileen is kept busy ensuring they remain clean and fully stocked throughout the day. Alongside her husband and family, she’s also contracted to do a site clean after hours.

Aileen’s genuine warmth and willingness to help is appreciated by all staff in the Zespri building. Whether it’s helping with catering, picking up litter outside the building or simply lending a hand, she goes above and beyond without hesitation.

“Aileen is such a superstar. She is always happy, helpful, bright and cheery,” says Annette.

“She says hello to everybody and chats away while she’s filling the coffee machine or doing the dishes. She’s just lovely.”

Whenever a staff member needs help arranging catering for a meeting, Aileen is happy to step in and offer her support. With her help, the meeting attendees can grab a bite and get back to business.

“She’ll whip out the plates, set it up nicely and make sure it’s all ready to go,” says Annette.

Recognising her important role within the Zespri team, Aileen is regularly invited to staff events.

“We invite her to attend some of our meetings and she comes to our Christmas function,” says Annette.

Aileen consistently embodies Zespri’s values. Her commitment to going the extra mile make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Annette says Aileen is a beloved figure in the Zespri building. Her positivity and friendliness shines through in everything she does.

“She’s just such an awesome asset. She’s just a gem.”

Congratulations on your nomination, Aileen! Your work ethic an positive spirit is an inspiration to all.

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