CrestClean franchise owners shine at Davenports West Lawyers for seven years

Davenports West Lawyers Directors, Nicky Craig and Lucas Burn present Swaran Kumar with her seven-year Long Service Award.

Auckland West franchise owners, Swaran and Satish Kumar recently celebrated seven years with CrestClean. There to present them with their Long Service Award were their earliest customers, Nicky Craig and Lucas Burn from the West Auckland law firm, Davenports West Lawyers.

Given the sensitive nature of a law firm’s work, the Kumars prioritise discretion. Lucas, Nicky, and the Davenports West staff all have complete confidence that the couple will respect the firm’s confidentiality standards while on-site.

“They do a really good job and they’re really discreet. Being a law firm, we’ve got a lot of private stuff in here and they’re awesome. They deal with everything in a professional manner, so that gives us peace of mind,” Lucas says.

Every evening, the Kumars tackle the challenge of cleaning the full Davenports West premises. With 12 offices, meeting rooms, bathrooms, and boardrooms, it’s a sizeable space, but the couple manage it with ease. They’re always happy to go the extra mile, proactively addressing any additional cleaning needs as they arise.

Although their cleaning shift falls after business hours, the Kumars are mindful of Lucas and Nicky’s occasional late nights. The couple respects their need for privacy and quiet, minimising disruption as they work their way around the premises.

“We like them coming in and they’re always very courteous. They’ll close our doors when they’re vacuuming and things like that,” Lucas says.

“They’re very, very conscious and lovely to deal with.”

For seven years, the couple have been the trusted cleaning team behind the sparkling Davenports West offices. Their dedication and professionalism are greatly appreciated by Lucas and Nicky, who enjoy catching up with the couple every evening.

“They’ve been our cleaners since we first moved into these premises. We know how lucky we are to have them,” Lucas says.

“Nicky and I have a chat with them every night.”

With a strong commitment to quality service that extends beyond cleaning, the Kumars have become an integral part of the Davenports West family. Lucas has nothing but great things to say about the Kumars and the important work they do.

“We don’t want for much, we’re lucky. They look after us and we’re very happy with them,” he says.

“They’re part of us.”

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