CrestClean in a class of its own when it comes to window cleaning

CrestClean franchisee Luisa Fonoia cleans the windows at Ormiston Junior College, using the Pure Water Window Cleaning System.

Ormiston Junior College in Auckland is light, bright, modern and… has a lot of windows!

To help maintain a clean, positive learning environment, every window in the school is cleaned quarterly by CrestClean, using its Pure Water Window Cleaning system.

The environmentally responsible, chemical-free method uses high-tech water filtration, which removes all solids from water, allowing only pure water to clean windows, without spotting or streaking.

A carbon fibre pole is used to reach high windows, window frames and glass up to four storeys high, without the need for platforms or ladders, making it a safe and cost-effective option.

Ormiston is one of six schools, overseen by Programmed Facilities Management in partnership with the Ministry of Education, that CrestClean provides cleaning services to.

Mose Maka reaches high windows easily with the use of a carbon fibre pole.

Window cleaning is provided as an additional service, and CrestClean franchisees undergo specialist training with the Master Cleaners Training Institute to provide this service.

Alex McNamara, Programmed’s Facilities Co-ordinator (Auckland Schools), praised Auckland East franchisees Mose Maka and Lusia Fonoia, for the high standard of cleaning provided to Ormiston Junior College.

“About 90 per cent of the school is windows, so that’s a lot of windows! Mose and Lusia are amazing. I’ve seen them cleaning and they don’t just run a hose over the windows, they scrub them, and you can definitely tell that they have been cleaned. I am very impressed with their work,” says Alex.

“And the fact that it is chemical free is really important for the health and safety of students. There are so many allergies out there and people with sensitivities to different products, so it’s reassuring to know that the only product being used is water.”

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