Taranaki oil company applauds great service from CrestClean

CrestClean’s Radhna Mani gifts tissues to happy customers, Halliburton and Symons Group.

CrestClean’s commercial cleaning services are nothing to be sneezed at, says Halliburton New Zealand Operations Manager Dean Rodgers.

In fact, he was so pleased with the level of service provided that he recommended CrestClean to transport company Symons Group, who have been equally impressed.

As a small gesture of appreciation towards both valued customers, CrestClean decided to surprise both Halliburton and Symons with branded tissues, adding another layer of protection in helping to keep their workplaces healthy and hygienic over winter.

“It’s cold and flu season, so I thought it was a nice touch. I’ve shared them around the office,” says Dean.

“I’d recommend CrestClean to anybody, they provide a fantastic service.”

CrestClean has been providing the oilfield service company with cleaning services at its New Plymouth premises for the past year.

“We had a lot of issues with our previous cleaners. A lot of stuff wasn’t getting done, so I reached out to our procurement department, and we had four cleaning companies submit proposals,” says Dean.

“I dealt with all of them, and the way CrestClean conducted their assessment impressed me immensely, so consequently that was the choice I made.”

Dean says CrestClean’s Taranaki Regional Master Franchisee, Naresh Mani, was very professional, with a high level of attention to detail.

“Health and safety is extremely important in all aspects of our business. We’ve got three different buildings, including office spaces, labs and a cement blending plant. Naresh was asking a lot of questions about the type of cleaning we wanted in specific areas and any potential risks. The proposal was very well thought out and detailed compared to others who literally took measurements and a photo, and that was it,” he says.

“One of the things that impressed me most about Naresh was that in the first month he came in and did an audit and he wasn’t impressed with what he saw, so he organised another cleaning team, and the service has been outstanding since.

“It’s sometimes a thankless task, the cleaning that goes on at night, and you don’t get a lot of feedback generally unless it’s bad. But we actually get a lot of comments from the team that the cleaners are doing a fantastic job.”

Kyla Hughson, Symons Group Operations and Property Co-ordinator, echoes Dean’s sentiments.

“The quality of cleaning is excellent. We notice the little things, like the cobwebs are being swept away and the floors are being professionally mopped. And they are using quality products that pick up the mud, tar and grease that gets stuck on the floor from the drivers’ boots.”

“Our staff numbers have increased significantly. We have a lot of people coming and going and we need to maintain a high standard for both staff and customers. We are located across the road from Halliburton and have a good relationship with them, so we asked who their cleaners were, and they told us how good CrestClean was.”

Naresh says CrestClean is grateful to have the opportunity to provide services to Halliburton and Symons Group.

“We take great pride in providing businesses with a healthy and hygienic workplace and understanding the unique needs and risks of each site is key to achieving this. We value the feedback we receive during audits, as it allows us to make necessary adjustments to ensure a top-notch service.

“We are honoured to be recommended by Dean to Symons Group, and I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to both Halliburton and Symons Group for their trust in CrestClean. We look forward to continuing our partnership and providing them with a clean and comfortable environment for their businesses.”

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