Seven years of exceptional service by CrestClean franchisees

Placemakers Silverdale’s John Gair and Kerry Mitchell present CrestClean franchisees Roshni and Ravendra Prasad with their 7 Years Long Service Award.

Seven years after becoming CrestClean franchisees, Roshni and Ravendra Prasad are still proudly working with their very first customer, Placemakers Silverdale — which made it the perfect setting for them to receive their 7 Years Long Service Award.

Placemakers Northern Hub Manager John Gair and Northern Hub Operations Manager Kerry Mitchell were quick to oblige, when asked by CrestClean if they would do the honours.

“We have a great relationship with Roshni and Ravendra, which has become quite personalised. They are very consistent, thorough and work in with our business very well. They even bring in a few peppers and things and we give them gifts in recognition and thanks for the great work they do. They are very friendly and get on well with all the staff,” says John.

“It’s just easy for us. With such great service and always with a smile, we have no need nor desire to look elsewhere. The quality and consistency of services supplied by Ravendra and Roshni has been commendable,” says John.

Ravendra and Roshni joined CrestClean in 2015, and now operate a business with three times its original turnover.

Owning a successful CrestClean business enabled them to buy their first home five years ago, and three years later a large café on the Te Atatu Peninsula, The Delicious Café, which is run by their children.

“We are very happy with CrestClean,” says Ravendra.

“We have been with Placemakers since we started. They are very happy, and they only want us to come and do the cleaning. They are friendly, and whenever we go there they tell us we are doing a good job.”

CrestClean’s North Harbour Regional Manager Neil Kumar congratulated Roshni and Ravendra on their seven-year anniversary.

“They are a hard-working couple who always look after their customers and deserve the recognition.”

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