Cleaning and friendship the key to success for Wellington franchisees

Cleaners cleaning an office space.
Wellington franchisees Lalita Devi and Dharam Singh like to bring a personal approach to their cleaning.

Lalita Devi and Dharam Singh make friends wherever they go — and their customers are no exception!

The Wellington couple have been cleaning one public sector agency office since they bought their CrestClean franchise eight years ago and say the staff there are “like family”.

“They are really friendly and are always looking out for us. We have established a high-trust relationship and staff keep their workspaces very tidy and easy for us to clean,” says Lalita.

When the couple built a beautiful new home last year overlooking the Ngauranga Gorge, they even opened their doors to those customers who they had formed friendships with.

“We invited them to come and see the new house — they were excited to see it. They are really nice people and they treat us like good friends.”

Exterior shot of house.
Lalita Devi and Dharam Singh are proud of their beautiful new home.

A customer, who could not be named for commercial reasons, says: “Lalita and Dharam bring a personal approach to their work and are a pleasure to have around. We would like to congratulate them on their new home and successful business.”

Lalita, who was previously a chef, and Dharman, who worked at a supermarket, joined CrestClean after their friends encouraged them to do so.

“We needed a financially secure and stable career. We had the responsibility of sponsoring my mum to stay here from Fiji and our previous jobs weren’t able to provide that financial stability,” says Lalita.

“We like the independence that we get from being able to manage our own franchise, and the friendly working environment. We love making great and strong relationships with our customers.”

The hardworking, dedicated franchisees have more than tripled the size of their business since they bought it, with plans to grow it even further.

Lalita Devi and Dharam Singh enjoy stunning sunsets overlooking the Ngauranga Gorge.

“Money is definitely a key highlight to this job as it has allowed us to achieve many of our goals, the biggest yet being our house,” says Lalita.

“CrestClean has changed our lives for the better. We always speak highly about CrestClean and the benefits of buying a franchise.”

CrestClean’s Wellington Quality Assurance Co-ordinator Manu Somath says Lalita and Dharman are warm, approachable and professional.

“They clean to a high standard and all their clients love them.”

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