Meet CrestClean’s new regional manager for East Auckland


Linda Hill is loving her new role as CrestClean’s Auckland East regional manager.

Linda Hill is loving her new role as CrestClean’s Auckland East regional manager.

Ask her what she enjoys most about being in sales and you might be a little surprised by the answer.

Linda Hill, CrestClean’s new Auckland East regional manager, says there’s no better feeling than seeing a potential customer go from grumpy to gleeful when their problem is solved.

“I like finding out what matters to people. Finding out their pain points of the situation they’re currently in and what would make them happy. I really love it when I can turn someone who is really grumpy about their current situation into someone who is really happy.”

Linda says customers rightly expect the highest level of service from their cleaning provider. But in the highly-competitive Auckland market, where there are more than 180 cleaning companies, sometimes customers end up with a shoddy service from untrained personnel.

“It’s so easy to start up a cleaning company. All you need is a vacuum cleaner, a mop and a bucket and a duster and off you trot.”

She’s been impressed by the Crest’s owner-operators and their high level of professionalism, industry knowledge and regular upskilling. “The training I’ve seen our guys get put through is really impressive.

“It’s such a huge point of difference compared with other so-called commercial cleaning companies,” she says.

Linda doesn’t need Google Maps to find her way around her region. She grew up in East Auckland in the Bucklands Beach area.

She has an impressive track record in sales, having held a number of senior positions for major corporate companies. Before Crest she was the national accounts business development manager for Rentokil-Initial.

Cleaning and providing a healthy workplace is something close to her heart. “I’m passionate about good hygiene in the workplace. We have a responsibility to maintain these high standards for our customers,” she says.

Crest has a high number of school customers and has earned a strong reputation throughout the country for providing a quality service, says Linda. “I care that the cleaning is done well. I have a grandson and I want him to go to a school where the cleaning is done really well.”

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