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  • Kids sing their heart out for CrestClean

    A unique musical treat was on the cards for two CrestClean franchisees when they popped into an Auckland school to hand out competition prizes. Shiva and Shartika Naicker had arrived at Baverstock Oaks School laden with pizza for Crest’s Cleanest Classroom Award winners. But the youngsters had a big surprise instore for their cleaners. The

  • Principal’s delight at donated equipment

    It was a small gesture but the gift of some cleaning equipment has made a big difference for an Auckland school. To generate some extra funds, Avondale Intermediate School allows its hall to be hired out over weekends to local community groups. Although the arrangement had been working well, some hall-hirers were better than others

  • Mice season triggers urgent warning

    PestCo’s Mike Wills has a tiny destructive house invader firmly in his sights. With winter around the corner, Mike is warning people to take action now to avoid having a family of unwelcome guests invading a home or business property. When cold weather arrives it’s a strong signal for mice to seek somewhere warm and

  • Newbies’ enthusiasm shines bright

    CrestClean newbies Ashwin and Rownel Chandra have set the bar high in the short time they’ve been small business owners. The switched-on husband and wife franchisees embraced their training with open arms and soon made a big impression with their attitude and commitment to the job, says CrestClean’s Auckland West Regional Manager Caroline Wedding. Caroline

  • Home overrun by roach invaders

    PestCo’s Mike Wills thought he’s seen it all. Dealing with cockroaches is all part of his job as PestCo’s Service Technician – but what happened during a visit to a Tauranga home stunned the experienced bug expert. He was carrying out a treatment for spiders and cockroaches at the rural property when hundreds of large

  • Act now to prevent a rat invasion

    PestCo Service Technician Mike Wills is waging war on rodents as cooler conditions see a surge in rats seeking indoor shelter. Mike is warning business owners to take action now to avoid the pain of costly repairs caused by rats destroying property as they build inside nests with the approach of winter. “Once rats get

  • Dressing like a Westie works wonders for Caroline

    CrestClean’s Auckland West Regional Manager has her favourite Ugg boots to thank for helping her get in a cheeky promotional plug for the company in front of a packed business audience. When well-heeled Caroline slipped on her boots it added the finishing touch to her outfit as she dressed up for a Westie-themed party put

  • Flower power helps Crest plant a business idea

    Karen Barnett with an anthurium plant all set for delivery.

    Auckland West Regional Director Caroline Wedding is turning over a new leaf to drum up business. She’s hit on the idea of hand delivering an exotic house plant to bosses of some of the city’s largest companies in Auckland West and North Shore areas. “We are aiming to target about 20 companies. We are hoping

  • Manager praises our acclaimed training institute

    National Training Manager Adam Hodge (centre) and MCTI assessor Julie Griffin with staff at A Supported Life.

    CrestClean’s acclaimed training division has won more praise after tailoring its training to meet the needs of an Auckland organisation that supports adolescents and adults with intellectual challenges. The training event was so successful that the Master Cleaners Training Institute has been asked to carry out further training days, says Master Cleaners CEO Adam Hodge.

  • PestCo Technicians kept busy treating wasp nests

    PestCo technicians have been kept busy this summer with a number of treatment requests for wasps, cockroaches, flies, fruit flies, birds, rats and mice, fleas and ants. Technician Mike Wills recently treated a large wasp nest that was found in the roof of an Auckland property. The nest is one of many technicians have been

  • 7 years with CrestClean, a great journey for...

    “It’s been a good journey,” Sanjiv Singh says. The North Shore franchisee, who takes care of a large multi-sited customer, has been with Crest for 7 years. “The time has gone fast. I am still really glad I chose Crest. The franchise system they have ticked all the boxes for me when I was looking

  • West Auckland supports ‘Santa Cause’

    West Auckland Franchisee Nilesh Sharma supported Hospice West Auckland’s Santa Cause. “I always support my customers where I can. I took part in Santa Cause – their annual fundraiser that celebrates the gift of Christmas giving in workplaces in December,” he says. “They are a great organisation to be involved with. They are always really


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