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Enhancing the cleaning standards, security and sustainability of six schools

Haeata - Programmed Facilities Management
Celebrating success: From left, Suzie Mcbeth Rowe and Craig Stewart from Programmed Facilities Management, Jayshee Jadeja, Krishna Vagela, Smita Vagela, Gayatri Vagela, Jaydeep Vagela, Navrang Patel and CrestClean Managing Director Grant McLauchlan.
  • Comprehensive school cleaning services including regular day-to-day cleaning and sanitisation of high touch areas
  • Enhanced cleaning standards, communication and responsiveness
  • Flexibility on cleaning without disrupting the schools’ daily operations, and outside-of-hours usage
  • Compliance with the Ministry of Education’s high KPI cleaning standards
  • Environmentally responsible cleaning processes and products, licensed by Environmental Choice

Our customer

Programmed Facilities Management is the site Facility Management partner for a Consortium that manages six schools in New Zealand. As part of the Schools 1 & 2 Private Public Partnership the Consortium (private funding groups), in partnership with the Ministry of Education, built the schools.

Programmed manages the entire site including all assets, facilities and maintenance, including cleaning services, under the guidelines of the agreement with the Ministry of Education for a 25 year period.

The challenge

Before CrestClean, Programmed had faced several challenges with their previous cleaning contractors, including high staff turnover rates, poor communication, and a lack of service and security. They were looking for a cleaning company that could address these challenges and provide reliable and efficient cleaning services for six schools.

Programmed’s cleaning requirements were also unique in that their sites were schools that needed to be cleaned regularly without disrupting daily operations, while accommodating for outside-of-hours usage. With cleaning having a high KPI profile with the Ministry of Education, CrestClean’s performance was critical to Programmed. Sustainability was also important with the Ministry of Education looking to Programmed, and subsequently CrestClean, to lead in this area.

“CrestClean has a higher level of security management and they do better than most we have dealt with.”

Craig Stewart
Contract Manager Schools PPP, Programmed

Services and solutions provided

  • Highly trained cleaning teams who are able to work competently to achieve Programmed’s requirements
  • Comprehensive day-to-day cleaning and sanitisation services for six schools
  • High dusting, pure water window cleaning, carpet cleaning, machine floor scrubbing every term
  • Stripping and sealing of hard floor surfaces as required
  • Responsive special cleans and emergency callouts, including flood cleanups
  • High-level security management with staff wearing uniforms and photo IDs
  • Introduction of new staff onsite to ensure secure school sites
  • Environmental Choice licensed services with a commitment to environmentally responsible cleaning products
  • Collaboration with Programmed to achieve high KPI standards set by the Ministry of Education
  • A partnership-based approach, where CrestClean became a part of the team to achieve Programmed’s goals

“CrestClean’s team has become a part of our team, we all get along great, and they work together to achieve Programmed’s goals.
CrestClean’s communication with Programmed was excellent, and they were responsive to any issues that arose.”

Craig Stewart
Contract Manager Schools PPP, Programmed

The outcomes for Programmed Facilities Management

Enhanced cleaning standards and communication
Programmed’s partnership with CrestClean resulted in immediate improvements in the cleaning standards across their schools. The flexibility provided by CrestClean allows for seamless cleaning operations without disrupting daily school activities, while also ensuring rapid responses to special cleans and emergencies. CrestClean’s exceptional staff retention, and open and effective communication, ensures that any issues are promptly addressed fostering a strong and successful working relationship.

Improved security management
CrestClean’s higher level of security management, including staff wearing uniforms with photo IDs and introducing new staff onsite, has provided reassurance and contributed significantly to ensuring the security and safety of Programmed’s six school sites.

Leadership in environmental responsibility
The Ministry of Education looks to Programmed to lead in sustainability, and CrestClean’s services have aligned with this objective. CrestClean’s Environmental Choice licensed services and cleaning products have reinforced our reputation as a leader in this area.

“I would recommend CrestClean to other businesses and organisations. We are a people company and it’s all about having the right people in the right place.
CrestClean fit in with our team from their Senior Management team through to their cleaning teams – the relationship has been very positive.”

Craig Stewart
Contract Manager Schools PPP, Programmed
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