CrestClean rugby balls keeping kids active at lunchtime

Vogeltown School principal Jeremy Ogle, says the CrestClean rugby balls are being well used!

At Vogeltown School, lunchtime means rugby time!

So, when CrestClean gifted the school a couple of its rugby balls, they were received with open arms.

“We’ve always had a good relationship with CrestClean and when we were offered the rugby balls, I said ‘yes, that’d be awesome!’ And they’re good quality rugby balls too. They’ve been great,” says principal Jeremy Ogle.

“Rugby’s massive here. We have an inter-school team that plays against other local primary schools. As soon as we start training for it, it becomes the thing to do in the playground but this year, even though it finished at the end of term 2, it carried on and rugby became even more popular in term 3.”

Jeremy says the lunchtime rugby sessions are a lot of fun, for both the children and the teachers.

“We’re lucky, we have 4 male teachers on our staff who are really keen to get out there and play rugby with the kids. When the kids see the teachers running around outside with the ball, they gravitate towards them, they want to come and play. We make it into a bit of a competition, putting bombs up and getting the kids to catch them, or just playing a game of touch. The kids see it as fun, and it’s good role modelling too.”

CrestClean has been providing the Taranaki school with a cleaning service for the past five years, during which time the school roll has grown from 300 to 380 pupils.

“Since CrestClean started we’ve ended up with three extra classrooms in the school. We used to employ our own cleaning staff but as we got bigger it became too hard for us to do that and the quality wasn’t as good,” says Jeremy.

“We’ve been really lucky with CrestClean. I’ve had other schools call me to ask about CrestClean and I tell them, ‘yes, they’re a really good company’.”

CrestClean’s Taranaki’s Regional Master Franchisee, Naresh Mani, says he’s glad the rugby balls are being put to good use.

“Jeremy is great to work with. He is highly supportive and praises CrestClean to other schools and the local business community. It has been very pleasant dealing with him, he’s always smiling and always available to help.

“We love supporting our local community, which is why we also sponsor the mobile app, Skool Loop, at Vogeltown and other local schools.”

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