Crest Supports ‘Breeze Win a Wish’

The Two Robbies on The Breeze have an exceptionally popular segment called ‘Win A Wish’ where they grant wishes for deserving people.

They recently contacted CrestClean Rotorua, who clean for their radio studios, and asked if we would give away a full house clean for one worthy lady. “We’d love to!” was our response.

Here’s the letter the radio station received nominating her friend for a ‘Win a Wish’:

I wish my best friend can be spoilt with something, does not matter what.

She separated from her husband after 27 years of marriage and he has obviously moved on, but she is finding it very difficult to adjust to being single again… most of her married life, she has supported and looked after him and their two children.

She is a cleaner at one of the motels in Rotorua, but is not having a good time there. She feels that she is useless and not worth anything and is coming home lately crying, not because of the type of job she is doing, but because she is not appreciated the way she should be.

Her ideas and hard work does not get recognised at all.

Her daughter has never really seen her cry like that before because she has always had a strong front for her kids.

I wish there was something that I could do or say that would make her realise what a special person she really is.

Just being spoilt with even just a bunch of flowers would definitely put a smile back on her face.

She is always helping everybody else and worried about everybody else.. but now she needs to be looked after. I really hope that The Breeze would be able to put back the breeze in her life and grant my wish.

Warm Regards Michelle

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