Big thanks for ‘honesty and integrity’

Here’s a happy story about a very honest franchisee Michael Pran, and a very thankful Wellington customer.

Email from Liz, Finance Manager, New Zealand Oil Services Limited;

I realised when I finally surfaced from my sickbed on Wednesday afternoon that one of my bracelets was missing from my wrist but had no recollection of the last time I had really been aware of it.

Steve and I searched the house all week, carefully handling everything for fear of it going through the washing machine or up the vacuum cleaner. I had more or less given up hope of seeing it again.

What a relief to find it on my desk yesterday. It had obviously fallen off or come undone while I was in the office bathroom on Monday afternoon and I hadn’t noticed.
I am so very grateful for the honesty and integrity of Michael and his team for leaving it on my desk – he probably thought I would find it long before yesterday!”

Liz has since thanked Michael and given him a bottle of wine to show her sincere gratitude.

“My bracelet was a gift from my husband and matches a necklace and I wear them both all the time – it meant so much to get it back – there were so many places I could have lost it including the airport on Sunday afternoon so you can imagine my relief to find I dropped it at work and got it back!”

Well done Michael Pran for showing us all what honesty and integrity is about.

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