NZQA National Certificate in Cleaning and Caretaking achiever Nitasha Pullen

Nitasha started out a very shy person. Over the years she went between volunteering behind the scenes at a small school and running courses through another organisation. 

This helped build her confidence to a much better level and she was finally able to get through an interview (the hardest part of the job). Nitasha worked at a fish and chip shop, petrol station, on a checkout and eventually running a lotto outlet. While working at the petrol station she met her fiancé and franchise partner Darren but lost contact with him. About 2 years later Darren came back on the scene and they moved from Wanganui to Napier for a fresh start.

She started on a checkout then moved to Barnados to look after children at home. With their relationship firm Darren asked if he could follow his dream of owning his own business. So with no money saved up they started buying the paper and found Crest advertised in a small corner of the paper one day (we almost missed it).

Ross Keats master franchisee for the Hawkes Bay kindly helped them get started.  Nitasha left her job on checkouts (Yah!) and her job at Barnados (Sadly) and they followed Darren’s dream.  Feeling a little more secure in life Darren took the plunge and proposed to Nitasha – they are due to be married on 29th  December this year.

Nitasha gained her final credits towards her National Certificate through Crest’s training programme.  She was the first franchisee to gain her National Certificate – Well Done Nitasha!

Nitasha and Darren’s plans for the future are:
Get the wedding out of the way (and enjoy).  Paying off debts and start a family.  Nitasha would like to be a stay at home mum (helping Darren only when needed) and Darren would like to be the provider and go out to work with a part-time employee.

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