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Environment and Sustainability

CrestClean are sustainability leaders in the cleaning industry.

CrestClean’s cleaning services have third party accreditation from Environmental Choice, which independently audits products and services to verify they meet its environmental standards.




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Standards and Compliances

Environmental Choice Licensed Cleaning Services

Environmental Choice is NZ’s official eco-labelling programme, which independently audits products and services to ensure they meet its standards.

The Environmental Choice specification for ‘Cleaning Services’ includes verification of sustainable practices throughout the organisation, plus auditing of cleaning procedures, chemical use, staff training and waste management.

Environmental Choice “ticks the box” for sustainable procurement.

View our Environmental Choice Licences here

Microfibre Mops and Cloths

CrestClean cleaners use high-tech microfibre mops and cloths, which ‘hook’ dirt and reduce the use of chemicals. Our colour-coding system for cloths and mops minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

Environmental Choice licenced chemicals

CrestClean’s specially formulated ‘Environmental Choice licensed’ cleaning products have minimal impact on the environment while effectively protecting the health of your staff and customers

Training in Environmental Management and Green Cleaning

Our personnel are trained in the latest Green Cleaning techniques by Master Cleaners Training Institute, which provides industry-specific training and regular upskilling in Health and Safety and Environmental procedures.


The equipment and processes used by our cleaning teams are standardised nationwide. They are durable “best in class” products that perform well and produce great results.

Environmental Management System

SafeClean®, our Health, Safety and Environmental Management System. SafeClean® complies with ASNZ: 4801, ISO: 14001 and ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices.

Read More about SafeClean®


Contractor Pre-qualification

IMPAC Prequal - Contractor PrequalificationCrestClean maintains Contractor Pre-qualification status with PREQUAL, an independent auditor of the Health and Safety practices of contractors.

Waste Reduction

We actively encourage all our customers to implement recycling systems and to involve their staff in initiatives to minimise waste.

Day Cleaning Service

By cleaning your premises during daylight hours we can help to save money on energy costs. It’s been estimated that day cleaning can save 5 – 12 percent of energy costs compared to night cleaning. Day cleaning may also helps to keep your kitchens and toilets serviced during the hours most used by staff and customers.

CrestClean’s Environmental Choice licensed cleaning services improve hygiene, save energy, and create safer, healthier workplaces with reduced environmental impact.

Featured Environmental News

May 2024

The importance of regular carpet cleaning in offices and workplaces

As winter approaches, offices and workplaces become busier as staff spend more time indoors. While carpets add warmth and aesthetic appeal to commercial spaces, they can also host a range of allergens, bacteria, and contaminants that may affect indoor air quality and the overall appearance of the space. Regular carpet

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March 2024

Revolutionising waste management with RecycleKiwi and centralised rubbish bins

Centralised rubbish bins replace individual desk bins with a designated waste station. This simple yet impactful approach to waste management in businesses and schools encourages proper waste separation and streamlines recycling initiatives. CrestClean’s Auckland West Regional Master Franchisee, Caroline Wedding, has been leading the charge in highlighting the benefits of

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February 2024

Navigating the new recycling rules – RecycleKiwi makes it easy

Kiwis, it’s time to take more care in our recycling efforts. Now that February 1 has come and gone, recycling rules are now standardised across the country. This means every New Zealander has the same set of rules for what can and cannot be thrown in their kerbside recycling bin.

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December 2023

Aurora College embraces RecycleKiwi for school-wide waste minimisation initiative

The RecycleKiwi programme is an easy way for schools and businesses to step up their green game and show some love to the planet. As a CrestClean initiative for tackling waste, RecycleKiwi is proving to be the waste management solution everyone’s getting excited about. The programme offers educational resources to

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November 2023

CrestClean in a class of its own when it comes to window cleaning

Ormiston Junior College in Auckland is light, bright, modern and… has a lot of windows! To help maintain a clean, positive learning environment, every window in the school is cleaned quarterly by CrestClean, using its Pure Water Window Cleaning system. The environmentally responsible, chemical-free method uses high-tech water filtration, which

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